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How Masculine or Feminine Are You?


1 Which guy in Star Wars do you identify with the most?

If you don't know the characters of Star Wars, then yell for help as you've obviously been stuck under a rock!

2 It's your first real date with a new gal. Do you say?
3 In dating/relationships, does your partner's lack of initiative drive you nuts?*

Initiative as it relates to: planning, making decisions, voicing opinions and sex.

4 Close your eyes for a moment...imagine a hot babe shows up on your door and tells you that you won a brand new Ferrari. Do you?
5 Do you typically make decisions based on logic or emotions?
6 Your general communication style can be summed up by the following:

Initiative can relate to: planning, making decisions, voicing opinions and sex.

7 Which of the following statements is true for you?*

You can only choose one.

8 Which character of Star Wars do you most wish to be more like?

Seriously, if you could instantly be more like...