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Make 2016 Gametime

Make 2016 Gametime

How to Make the Next Twelve Months Your Most Successful Ever

Does this sound familiar? “2016 is going to be my best year! It’s going to be different this time. I’m finally going to accomplish my goals.”

Yes, most of us have been there saying something similar and making promises to ourselves; “I’m finally going to take that trip to Europe, lose those extra pounds, run that marathon, etc. etc.”

So why don’t we accomplish ALL of our goals?

The top 4 reasons are:

1. We go too big and set unrealistic expectations. If you want to run a marathon and your current workout schedule involves a run once or twice a week (by the way, this doesn’t include running out the door). Then you’ve got to set yourself up with an attainable training schedule and give yourself time to work up to running 20+ miles.

2. We aren’t clear on what we really want. The most popular goals involve money and weight loss. Since these two areas are quite large and vague, focusing on a solid goal will support you in actually committing to a plan. For example, instead of “I’m going to rock a bikini this summer”, or “I’m going to have those six pack abs I’ve always wanted”, you can instead say “I’m committing to a 30 minute workout five times per week.” Once you see the value of your goal, you can visualize the reward.

3. We don’t set actionable steps to get to where we want to be. Most people give up because they see this big, hairy goal and don’t know how to achieve it. There is no indicator to measure our progress so people often quit before they take action. Creating action steps to get you from point A to B and sharing this plan with friends and family establishes accountability that is the key to success.

4. We don’t review our goals regularly causing us to lose motivation. So you’ve set your top 10 goals and created some actions steps to help you focus on the outcome. Are you checking in with yourself to see what you’ve completed and where you still need to be to get there? Maybe your goal was to pay off your debt, yet even with all of your scrimping and saving, you don’t feel you’ve made the big dent you’d hoped for. If you actually paid off 80% of your debt wouldn’t that feel amazing? If you could accomplish 80% or more of your goals wouldn’t you be in a much better position than when you started?

We have a system that creates your own Personal Accountability Plan so that you get to experience your best year yet!

These are some of the benefits that make working with a Certified Best Year Yet® Coach invaluable to a true personal transformation process:

  • We provide you with insight, structure, encouragement and accountability to help you get to your point B.
  • We give you the guidance so you can clearly focus on what matters most to you.
  • We offer the tools and resources to support you in creating breakthroughs in your life.

What is Best Year Yet® and how is it different?


Our system and online tools support “focus management” through a guided process of reflection, learning, mindset shifts and the clarification of the most important goals. We support you to have a great life or business one year at a time. The outcome is a powerful one-page annual plan with cloud-based software to track and score progress and increased capacity and skills for producing the results that make each year better than the last.

  • Simple and user-friendly; no prep or complicate planning structures to learn or maintain
  • Less is more; zeros in on your top 10 goals and helps you make them happen
  • Blended learning; combines experiential programs, software, audio lessons and activities
  • Powerful and sustainable month-after-month; year-after-year
  • Universal; works for everyone – and every business
  • Inside/outside; impacts mindset and behavior
  • Flexible; online self-paced options, group workshops, and team programs
  • Multiple levels of impact; Increases performance, shifts culture, develops people and skills
  • Modern platform; collaborative tracking and scoring software accessible from any device
BYY Score Personal Accountability Coaching - Visual and Data

BYY Score Personal Accountability Coaching – Visual and Data

Does the Best Year Yet® system really work?

The Best Year Yet® methodology was developed 35 years ago in London by one of the founders of the modern coaching movement through her work with executives. The book was first published 25 years ago, released in over 17 languages and is still popular today. The company was started 20 years ago and is currently run by a seasoned team committed to bringing Best Year Yet to a global consumer and business audience. Over 1000 businesses and 1,000,000 people have used Best Year Yet including CEOs, sales executives, entrepreneurs, a Heisman trophy winner, a Mt Everest summit team, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies and currently a world record-seeking crew expedition rowing across the Pacific.

Research shows that people who make resolutions to do new things, instead of breaking old habits, have a higher success rate.

What new goals are you setting for 2016?

How can a Personal Accountability Plan support you in making 2016 your Best Year Yet?

It’s time for you to focus on what matters most in your life.

Are you ready to take action in your life?

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