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Inviting Mr & Mrs Right is the husband and wife relationship coach team of Gabriel and Nicole Dicristofaro. They bring authentic, real-life tools and strategies to love. They each have been trained as a Love Mentor® by Dr. Diana Kirschner. Using their strong background in personal development and social psychological training, they successfully help others get better dating and relationship results.

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Nicole DiCristofaro has a passion for style, personal growth and lifting others into their highest potential.


Nicole and Gabriel met in 2011 at Halloween party and went through the normal dating ups and downs that most everyone experiences. Since then have become engaged, married and developed their dating coaching and social behavior training business, Inviting Mr & Mrs Right.

“What began as a dream for us, is becoming a reality. With intention, love and dedication to helping others find love and harmony within themselves and the people in their lives, we are excited to share our personally successful relationship, social psychology research, and dating advice expertise with you.”

“We honor and appreciate your courage in fighting for love in your life. You deserve it!” Gabriel and Nicole Dicristofaro


Raised by his unwed mother, Gabriel Dicristofaro developed empathy at an early age for the plight of the single woman as his mother moved around, in search of a better home, better job or better man. The psychological damage of his childhood took years to heal.

Pulled away from friends almost as soon as he made them, Gabriel became cautious and guarded.  He was fascinated with how others spoke to each other, psychologically showed interest in each other, and developed successful personal relationships with groomed improved social skills.

“The most valuable things I learned were teachable. Social skills and certain levels of attraction are changeable and improvable. It was groundbreaking for me in my life.”

In 2010, Gabriel started putting this knowledge to work for others by teaching single women how to present themselves, flirt, meet better men, and plant the seeds that could lead to more successful relationships. He had been leading fun and instructive dating workshops in California and Colorado with great reviews.

“Then, I finally learned what I needed to attract my great match.”


Gabriel DiCristofaro is a social behavior specialist with a passion for showing others the simple tools to finding and attracting awesome love partners.

Gabriel DiCristofaro is a social behavior specialist with a passion for showing others the simple tools to finding and attracting awesome love partners.

Gabriel found the woman of his dreams using the social dynamics techniques he teaches women in his classes. He also understands that some modern women need this valuable information to bring love into their lives and is passionate about sharing that knowledge.

Nicole had an extremely unpredictable childhood as well. The main blessing in her constantly changing world was her single mother’s unlimited love and support. She told her daughter she could achieve anything she dreamed possible. That positive psychological attitude about life, love and abundance drove Nicole to take risks (both emotionally and financially) most others might never dare.

After separating from her first husband in 2005, Nicole embarked on a solo journey to Bali to start what was going to be the next chapter in her life – designing and manufacturing women’s clothing. Having little guidance but a will to make it work and have new, bold experiences she did just that for the past 8 years.

Nicole was still searching for her perfect relationship and romantic match. She decided to change her course again and brave the new world of dating in her late 30’s.

“It was so different to date in my late 30’s compared to my 20’s. I felt like an alien dropped into this strange landscape of modern dating.”

Knowing intuitively that the “one” was still out there, she dated until the night she met Gabriel. She knew that the dating techniques and personal understanding she learned while embarking on her dating journey led her to attract her perfect match.

Nicole always wondered how she would realize her purpose in life. Now, teamed with her husband, she has found her true calling – helping others make their dreams comes true in finding their perfect match.

Gabriel and Nicole are sharing their passion and vision with you so that you too may gain self-awareness in order to experience more authentic love of yourself, have  better dates, maybe find your ideal match, and at the same time possibly improve your relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

2 Clients Married from when we started 2 years ago.

New relationships, engagements and self-discovery available to you too!


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